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PLEASE NOTE:The only information we can provide you is specified in your DMC Exhaust Installation Instructions or within the EFI Control Module Instructions. If you were to ask us what settings should you use with an airbox removed, modifed cherry bomb, sound suppression inserts, race fuel, a teddy bear bungied to the back seat at an elevation of 5500' ? we simply can't help. DMC jetting specs are based on a stock motor with DMC exhaust, at sea level, 65 degrees F and using 91-octane gas. We simply cannot provide jetting information beyond baseline settings as we cannot possibly test every engine variation in existence.

Now, that aside, whether your ride is fuel injected or carbureted, it is possible that some adjustments will need to be made. Factors such as elevation, humidity, temperature, airbox and engine modifications all play into the settings you should best select. If you need further help beyond what our instructions provide, we suggest you contact your tuner or mechanic.

If you're ride is fuel injected, your adjustments can be achieved with a DMC EFI Control Module. This is a simple "in-line" plug and play digital module that allows you to adjust your settings on the fly with a push of a button. Each EFI Module is specifically mapped to your ATV/UTV model in combination with a DMC exhaust.

To determine your jetting specs, download the installation instructions for your exhaust. Simply locate your exhaust in our online store as if you were shopping for one. Each exhaust page contains a link to download PDF instructions.

Remember, all jetting specifications provided are based on an UN-modified engine and airbox. If you've made any changes to your airbox or engine, your jetting requirements may require adjustment. In such applications that require jetting changes, it may be helpful to understand CLIP POSITION as it's referred to in the installation instructions.

Adjusting the clip position on the needle may be a critical component of maximizing your DMC performance.Using the reference image at right, you can easily see where clip positions are indicated. Notice the direction of the needle and count the slot positions as referenced. Failure to adjust the clip position (where required) could dramatically effect horsepower and overall exhaust performance.

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